First / Operating and Maintenance Works of Facilities and Services, for example:

  • Winding plants of all kinds and size.
  • Sanitation treatment plants.
  • Diesel-electric power stations with its auxiliaries.
  • Distribution plates of low and medium pressure and all circuits feeding of different loads.
  • Main and branch piping networks feeding water and sanitary networks.
  • Stations of fire pumps with its networks.
  • Main and branch cable networks, internal illumination and all auxiliary instruments.
  • Central air condition instruments and equipment.
  • Electrical elevators.
  • Installations and buildings maintenance.
  • Operating hospitals, clubs, resorts and swimming pools.
  • Operating and maintaining medical centers, hospitals and airports.

Second / Civil Constructions and Contracting Works

  • Undertaking many of constructing projects including but not limited to schools, villas, residential installations, trade centers, sport clubs and projects of academic faculties.
  • Undertaking the paving works of roads, airports and cars parking.
  • Constructing the state-of-the-art tourist or private rests.
  •  Undertaking tourist projects like resorts and tourist hotels.
  • Undertaking mechanical and electrical works of industrial installations and projects of power and water.
  • Restoring and maintaining buildings and plating and painting works.
  • Undertaking the drainage works including plants, networks with it auxiliaries and the drainage of rains water.

Third / the Engineering Consultations – Technical Office, for example:


  • Designing residential and trade buildings.
  • Designing administrative buildings.
  • Designing educational and health buildings and hospitals.

Civil Engineering

  • Designing residential and trade installations and all buildings of whatever kind.
  • Designing roads, bridges, airports, tunnels and embankments.
  • Undertaking the survey works of sanitation and water networks and road works.

Electrical and Mechanical Engineering

  • Sanitation electricity distribution plates with computing and distributing the buildings' load.
  • Designing the control circuits of all instruments and equipment of drinking water and sanitation plants.
  • Designing all sanitary and air condition works.
  • Designing the mechanical works of drinking water and sanitation plants.

Health and Environmental Engineering 

  • Designing sanitation networks.
  • Designing Winding plants, centrifugal lines and sanitation water treatment plant of all fields.
  • Designing desalination plants with its auxiliaries.

Construction Project Management

  • Supervising the gigantic engineering projects and residential complexes.
  • Supervising the sanitary works (civil-electrical-mechanical).
  • Consideration works of the new projects as to costs determination, time control, and determining the scope of work and quantities.

Fourth / Electromechanical fixture works, for example:

  • Construction works like gables and metal frames.
  • Undertaking the works of fixing and welding steam boilers and lines.
  • Fixing and welding central air condition networks and fire networks.
  • Works of stacks and pillars holding the overhead cranes.
  • Fixing and welding all kinds of pumps and its networks.